A Lesson in Creativity We Can Learn from the French

I just got back from Paris and I remember looking at all the fashion and architecture being mesmerized by its beauty! Now that I’m home, I couldn’t help but look up how Paris became a world-renowned fashion influencer. Here’s what I learned, along with some examples of architecture and fashion that revolutionized the design industry….

Solo Traveling – Day One

Here we go. I’m on the plane, flying solo, to my awaited European adventure.

I feel excitement, along with agonizing stress. I’m nervous.

Personal doubts are screaming in my mind, “what makes you think that you, the ever-cautious, timid, self-conscious, pretty faced girl has the courage to embark on such a…

Top Reasons to Go Camping

Unplug – You love your coffeemaker and blow dryer, but ridding yourself of all appliances, modern comforts and technology gives you a necessary escape from the daily grind of life. A weekend away from notifications allows your mind and body to relax and unwind.  Alena Hall write’s in an Huffington…