Dark Surface Planes

Spaces become more dynamic! Pure black or dark grey are so in this season.

Create a dark Surface on your wall, floor, furniture and kitchen.



 Greenery Color

Greenery is the color of the year.

Green evokes freshness and nature. It provides a break from a monochrome interior pallet.

Use it as an accent wall, accent door or blend it into the space through use of furniture.


Velvet Fabrics

This may be my favorite trend this year because it pairs nicely with all the other trends we’re seeing.

Velvet fabrics in jeweled colors add delicate and soft texture. Perfect contract to organic rough textures, modern surfaces and a bold accent against dark planes.


Black Frames

Adding a Scandinavian touch! Another favorite of mine.

Introduces a delicate intrigue to the space.


Two Toned Casework

Choose casework colors that contrast with each other. Adds a dynamic detail in the built in features adding an artistic touch to the space.




Photos Via: Dark Surface,  Greenery,  VelvetBlake Frame,  Casework
December 17, 2016