Welcome to E’pirens! A women’s lifestyle project focused on creating happiness, confidence and curiosity through the use of art and how it impacts our daily behaviors.  On this blog, I share new knowledge and unique finds on all things design, from classic fashion, to must-make foods, and wanderlust worthy travel All the details that make life a little better and add a positive influence in our daily lives.

The name e’pirens is the phonetic pronunciation of the word appearance. Appearance by definition is an act of becoming visible or noticeable on arrival. Whether we like to admit it or not, our outward appearance is a symbol to the rest of the world. It represents how we take care of ourselves and who we are. It’s a symbol to ourselves as well and a constant reminder of who we choose to be. The beauty is you can manipulate appearance for our own benefit!  And that, my friends is what e’pirens (pronounced ap.pear.ance) is in its entirety – taking the art that we interact with daily and consciously molding it to help influence our behavior in a positive way. [Read my post “E’pirens Defined” to learn more]


BECCA . founder & creator

Becca Wieronski is the founder/ creator and voice behind e’pirens. As lover of all things design, she has always had a strong understanding of the shared intimacy between people and art. Coco Chanel said it best, “An interior is the projection of one’s soul.” Currently working as a certified interior designer at one of the top architecture firms in Colorado, Becca is constantly inspiration working with her clients by finding new ways to implement wellness into their lives through design. Knowing our environments strongly influence who we are encouraged to be. In her spare time Becca likes to dabble in fashion, health, fitness and adventure! 


BRI . editor & occasional photographer

Brianne Barber, a  campfire connoisseur and a real lover of furry four legged animals (and alliteration), in her spare time edits this amazing website. From frothy beverages to outdoors adventures, there isn’t a comma or a question out of place…that she’s aware of at least. Besides doing most of the work, she still has time to take the occasional shot of the most dangerous predators: humans at play. To know more about Bri, follow her Instagram @brizlo where you will find all things slightly interesting.