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I just saw this in my inbox today and I had to share it with you! A prime example of how art impacts our lives.

 David Allen is a tattoo artist based out of Chicago. He’s known for his work tattooing over the scars of breast cancer survivors who endured going through a mastectomy. The beautiful botanical images he creates to cover the scares are absolutely breath taking.

He explains in his interview with Manduka, “It was transformative to realize that I was doing my craft, but also literally helping someone heal. The feeling was overwhelming. In that moment, my design and illustration background all came together in an effort to cover these scars. I knew I had to keep doing it.”

You can find the entire interview here!

I love reading stories like these. A beautiful art that provides purpose to the artist and gives control back to these strong women who survive, now wearing the artist’s masterpiece everyday on their bodies.

David Allen is now teaming up with Manduka and project OM: to create a yoga towel capsule collection. 100% of each product’s sales will be donated to support Susan G. Komen’s battle against breast cancer. WOW!  Talk about hero’s in modern day. Love it!

Go get your yoga towel from Manduka here!

Hope you’re feeling inspired to go out there and bravely create something new. I know I sure am!

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Photo’s and info Via: Manduka and Project:OM