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Rebecca wieronski

lifestyle + Wellness interior designer

Inspired by what makes people the true bad-asses they are today; smart, healthy, active and outgoing. Blurring the lines between space and self. Designing environments that support lifestyles, reinforce goals and visually project the beauty of… you.



Focused on creating happiness, confidence and curiosity through the use of art, and how it impacts our behavior.


E’pirens design philosophy

How we take care of ourselves is our portrait to those we interact with. It’s a symbol to ourselves as well. A constant reminder of who we choose to be. So, how can we become intentional in our appearance (environment, fashion, nutrition, etc.), and how can it help us transform who we are in our everyday life?


About the designer

Becca Wieronski is an independent interior designer based in Denver, Colorado and founder/creator of E’pirens.