E’pirens is

An interior lifestyle brand. providing ways to add style, design and nutrition to our everyday lives.

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 Welcome to E’pirens! A wellness based lifestyle brand / interior design studio focused on creating happiness, confidence and curiosity through the use of art and how it impacts our daily behaviors, and and implementing it through the 7 WELL principles: Air Quality | Water Quality | Light | Fitness | Nutrition | Comfort and | Mind. E’pirens provides ways to add style, design and nutrition to our everyday lives. Inspired by what makes people the true bad-asses they are today; smart, healthy, active, and outgoing. Blurring the lines between space and self. Designing environments that support lifestyles, reinforce goals and visually project the beauty of… you!


When it comes to Design, Live Well by RW believes:

Design is intentional and holistic

Design is a tool for human comfort

Design should whisper not shout

Design is a silent yet influential bi-standard

Design calms the mind and inspires ideas

Design is an investment with infinite return

The name E’pirens is the phonetic pronunciation of the word appearance. Appearance by definition is an act of becoming visible or noticeable on arrival. Whether we like to admit it or not, our outward appearance is a symbol to the rest of the world. It represents how we take care of ourselves and who we are. It’s a symbol to ourselves as well and a constant reminder of who we choose to be. The beauty is you can manipulate appearance for our own benefit!  And that, my friends is what E’pirens (pronounced ap.pear.ance) is in its entirety – taking the art that we interact with daily and consciously molding it to help influence our behavior in a positive way. 

E’pirens was founded by Wellness + Lifestyle Designer Becca Wieronski. Becca spent the last decade working on designs both internationally and domestically. She holds a BA in Applied Human Sciences for Interior Design, has her NCIDQ Interior Design Certification, as well as her EDAC [Evidence Based Design Certification], and WELL AP [Architectural Wellness Certification].